Sarah todd

“The reason I was created was to create. My world consists of making beautiful art that is inspired by my travels, organic formations and reflectiveness. The beauty in abstract art is that the artist is able to use their imagination and create something completely original while at the same time abstract art is also captivating for the viewer as they are able to use their imagination to interpret the painting. My goal is to make viewing my work an enjoyable process for both parties.” - Sarah Todd

Sarah DuPree-Todd was born in Tyler, Texas on December 18th, 1987.  Her interest in art first presented itself during her childhood and was encouraged by her parents.  While taking art lessons as a child she found that drawing and mixing colors felt natural to her.  

In 2010 she graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts Degree. After graduation Sarah taught art at a private elementary school in east Texas for three years. Sarah then lived and studied in Florence, Italy where she received a Masters Degree in Design in 2014. She then went back to sharing her passion for art through teaching and developing children’s art curriculum at a private school in Dallas, Texas for two years. During her time teaching, she began to steer away from realistic drawings and channeled her creative energy into creating vibrant abstractions.  Her most current body of work features abstract layers of colors, 24K gold leaf, sterling silver leaf and high gloss resin as well as large watercolors on paper.  Sarah is inspired by her travels, nature, beauty, movement and energy.  She is currently transforming spaces with her work. In 2018 Sarah has exhibited her Europe Collection in Hyde Park Village in Tampa, Florida, was the featured artist at AC Hotel Tampa by Marriott and exhibited her South Africa Collection in Preston Royal Village in Dallas, Texas.